Are you interested in learning about sustainable food production? The Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farming offers learning opportunities for volunteers of all ages throughout the growing season.

GCUOF volunteers are involved in every aspect of production from seed starting and bed preparation to harvesting for market. We are always looking for help with site maintenance, planting and weeding. Volunteers are also involved in construction projects and tasks such as seed saving.

In recognition of the invaluable work they do, GCUOF volunteers take home a share of the food they help to grow.

Whatever your experience or interests, we can use your help!

Get involved by sending an email to gcuof [at] uoguelph.ca, and check out our volunteer calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities. Everyone is welcome!

4 Responses to “Volunteer”
  1. Susan Allison says:

    Hello, GCUOF, While you may have enough volunteers at this point, my interest are concerning Ecological Gardening Journal reports for a summer course, where in I must report on what is present and/or what changes take place across the season, so, I am wondering if I may have permission to carefully observe the garden and what is going on with it, if you already have too many volunteers. S. A.

  2. terry dipple says:

    Hey all, I’m looking in volunteering. Has anyone get a contact name and number for me to get ahold of someone at the organic farm? Much appreciated.
    Terry D

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