Blissful Bounty!!!

Autumn is here! Yes please and thank you! The leaves on the trees are dappled yellow, rusty orange and red and falling to the ground to form a colourful carnage blanket of renewal.

Flow   beaut1

This week we prepared a selection of some our finest produce for chefs from around Canada who are at the University for the Good Food Innovation Awards.

As well, this week harvested all of our squash– enabling the students to get familiar with our, one and only, beauty of a tractor.

person   org guy

So, we have a bounty of fine produce this week and, accordingly, are pushing on with our Thursday Market (3:00-5:30) @ the Cannon on campus!

anna  rass2

You are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome with lots of cheery faces! This week we will be featuring melons, squash, pumpkins, potatoes, onions, raspberries and much, much more!

melons  Staff market  tomat

Come on down and check us out! We would love to share our produce knowledge and cooking tips!

Market success1

Photo Credits: Kyra Lightburn


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