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Harvest is in full swing and so is our Thursday on-campus market (3:00 -5:30pm) located in front of the Cannon!

We are just bursting with fabulously fresh certified organic foods and produce including; Carrots, Chard, Celeriac, Flowers, Garlic, Ground Cherries, Herbs, Honey, Kale, Onions, Oyster Mushrooms, Pumpkin, Peppers (Hot and Sweet), Potatoes, Squash, Tomatillo, Tomatoes and much, much more!

Squash  floweat  Getting ready

This week we will be celebrating organics! Did you know the General Principles of Certified Organic Production in Canada outlines a commitment to protecting the environment, minimizing soil erosion, decreasing pollution, maintaining long term soil fertility and biological diversity, recycling resources to the greatest extent possible, and treating animals humanely?

That’s a lot to celebrate!!! So, we expect it to be a marvelously jovial time! Come on down and join us!

Market people2

Photo Credits: Kyra Lightburn

One Response to “HAPPY ORGANIC WEEK!!!”
  1. Franklin Henries says:

    Thanks for keeping up the good work! Organically we can live better, healthier and happier lives right across the globe.

    HAPPY ORGANIC WEEK to you as well, and enjoy to joy and fulfillment it brings!


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