First Crop Mob at the GCUOF!

Crop mobbers pulling thistles.

On Saturday, June 4th we held our first crop mob at the GCUOF from 9 am to 4 pm. The response to our event posting was phenomenal, with lots of buzz on Twitter and Facebook, the event posting being picked up by a number of farming-related websites, and many email inquiries flooding our inbox.

Planet Bean Coffee donated fair trade organic coffee, sugar and cream, and The Stone Store donated organic apples and snacks for the event.

By 9:45 am 8 crop mobbers had already arrived at the GCUOF and set to work. After a cool, wet spring we were anxious to get some serious planting and transplanting done – our greenhouse is bursting with transplants waiting to be planted in the ground. We hoped to weed and prepare large areas of our middle field for planting, establish permanent paths between the beds, and plant beans and other veg during the crop mob.

But then it started to drizzle, and then to pour, and when lightning began to strike at a distance that appeared to be mere metres away from our site everyone dropped their tools and left the field. The downpour and accompanying lightning storm really put a damper on things in the middle of the day. Our clayey soil became too saturated to work on and the storm deterred many of the people who had planned to join the crop mob from coming down to the farm.

However as the sky cleared and the sun reappeared a new and enthusiastic group of crop mobbers descended on the GCUOF, enabling us to clear a substantial area of thistles and other weeds!

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The crop mob also got some media attention! You can look for a photo in Snap Guelph, an article in the Guelph Mercury and a piece on Locavore on CFRU in the near future.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our first crop mob for making it such a success!


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